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The NMSUCC training staff is highly committed to training and supervision. Interns receive quality supervision from training staff who work hard to foster a safe and supportive environment that promotes interns’ growth and development as professionals and wherein they are encouraged to challenge themselves to participate in self-reflection, processing and integrating their experience. We believe that learning is a developmental process. The supervision interns receive along with the opportunities for learning that are provided in seminars and other experiential training experiences, seek to build on the knowledge and skills interns have acquired through their coursework, practica, and research pursuits in their psychology doctoral programs. Assessment of the developmental level of interns within each of the competency areas is ongoing in supervision with the over-riding goal being to assist interns in becoming ethically responsible professional psychologists who are culturally sensitive and clinically competent.

Supervision of Couples/Individual Therapy

Interns receive two hours of individual supervision per week for their work with couples and individual clients from licensed psychologists who are expected to perform their supervisory responsibilities in an ethical and professional manner. In addition, over the summer months interns receive one and a half (1.5) hours of group supervision each week for their work with individuals/couples

Supervision of Group Therapy

Interns are expected to co-facilitate at least one group with a senior staff member during the internship year. All interns receive 30 minutes of individual supervision on a weekly basis from the senior staff co-facilitator. In the spring when interns might co-facilitate a group with another intern, supervision is provided by the interns’ primary supervisor (individual supervisor for entire internship year), secondary supervisor (individual supervisor for half of internship year), or other professional staff member.

Supervision of Supervision

Interns meet for 1.5 hours/weekly during the spring semester for supervision of supervision. This time is devoted to case presentation and listening to recorded supervision sessions interns conduct with their individual supervisees. This focus provides interns with an opportunity to process their provision of supervision experiences and receive feedback.

Assessment Supervision

Interns meet once a week for 1.0 hour/week during the fall semester. Assessment supervision focuses on didactic training and clinical supervision of actual assessment cases focusing primarily on multi-modal ADHD assessment batteries.  Interns receive training and supervision on the use of various assessment instruments and relevant topics (e.g., multicultural approaches to testing, best practices in interpreting data, role playing feedback sessions to clients, etc.) wherein interns consult and receive supervision regarding their assessments with current clients.  During the spring and summer terms, time is set aside for Interns to consult with the Clinical Director for any assessment cases they are conducting.