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Professional and Administrative Staff

Eve Adams, Ph.D., Adjunct, CEP Training Director

Licensed Psychologist

Eve received her PhD in Counseling Psychology at the Ohio State University and completed her internship there also. She worked for 6 years at the University of Akron’s Counseling Center and served as the Training Director of the doctoral internship program there. She is currently is an Associate Professor and the Training Director of the APA-accredited Doctoral Program in Counseling Psychology at New Mexico State University. Eve’s professional interests include supervision, multicultural identity development, gender role beliefs, LGBT psychology, culturally-competent counseling competencies, and mindfulness-based interventions.

Angella Anderson, L.P.C., Psy.D.  Behavioral Health & Wellness Coordinator

Psychology Resident

Angella is a psychology resident from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. She began working with college students at Northern Illinois University and greatly enjoys the opportunities for personal and professional growth that working with students allows. She has a strong interest in supervision of trainees in psychology and research in Emotion Focused Therapy. Her clinical interests including eating disorder/body image concerns, trauma and abuse/neglect recovery, non-suicidal self-injury, crisis intervention, and working with veterans and their families.

María P. Arizaga, Ph.D., Associate Training Director

Licensed Psychologist #0853 (Regular, exp 07/01/2015)

María received her Doctorate in Counseling Psychology from New Mexico State University. Her major interests are in counselor training and supervision; working with clients with issues related to domestic violence, sexual abuse and other forms of trauma, acculturation, and grief and loss. Working with LGBTQ clients is another area of strong interest.

Justin Boland, M.A.

Graduate Assistant

Justin is a 3rd year doctoral student in the Counseling and Education program at NMSU. He received his master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from Boston College. His clinical interests include using mindfulness based intervention to not only treat mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression but also to promote psychological well being.

Debra Darmata, M.S., WAVE Program Coordinator

Debra is originally from Chicago and has a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Her life work and passion has been in the field of Psychology with extensive experience working with women who suffer from eating disorders, substance abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Theresa Demock, Administrative Assistant, Associate

Theresa has worked in the Counseling Center since 1999. She was the Records Tech I until May 2007, and then she was promoted to the Administrative Assistant, Associate.

Carol Fonseca, Ph.D., Outreach Coordinator

Psychology Resident

Carol attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Counseling Psychology program and completed her doctoral internship at the College of William & Mary Counseling Center in Williamsburg, VA. Her interests include sexuality and gender diversity issues, multicultural concerns/issues, trauma and intimate partner violence, relationship issues, and adjustment to college issues in particular involving first generation college students.

Angelina Frias, Administrative Assistant

Angelina has been working at NMSU for 10 years and has been at the Counseling Center for 2 years. She received her Bachelor’s degree from NMSU and is now in the process of earning her Master’s degree also from NMSU.

Joey Hannah, Ph.D., Suicide Prevention Programming

Licensed Psychologist #1234 (Regular, exp 07/01/2014)

Joey received his doctorate in Counseling Psychology from the University of Florida, and completed his doctoral internship at the Georgia State University Counseling & Testing Center in Atlanta, GA. His interests include suicide prevention/intervention, crisis intervention, sexual and gender diversity issues, trauma recovery, grief and loss, video-game/internet addiction, interpersonal relationships, college student development, teaching and training/supervision.

Kristal Kinzer, M.A., Career Exploration Center Coordinator

Clinical Mental Health Counselor LPCC #0150391 (Regular, exp 09/01/2014)

Kristal was born and raised in New Mexico and is NMSU alumni.  Kristal is the coordinator of the NMSU Career Exploration Center and has a strong interest in working with people who are going through challenging life transitions and adjusting to college life. Kristal views therapy as a collaborative process to address the unique needs of students and is passionate about helping individuals develop their career goals and direction for their future. She also enjoys working with individuals on many different topics such as anxiety, depression and relationship conflicts. She primarily incorporates relational, family systems, and culturally sensitive psychotherapeutic approaches to counseling.

Lori Martinez-Haussamen, M.S.W., NMSU Social Work Services

Lori is a Social Worker for the Student Health Center and the Counseling Center. She has a master’s degree in Social Work from New Mexico State University. Before coming to NMSU, she worked with children ages birth-3 and individuals with disabilities. Her professional interests include parent-child attachment patterns, social justice, community development, suicide prevention, and working with individuals and families in poverty.

Montevis “Tay” Price, M.S.W., Counselor

Licensed Masters Social Worker #M-08059 (Regular, exp 07/01/2014)

Tay received his BSW and Masters of Social Work from NMSU. While in the advanced MSW program, he completed internships with the Children, Youth and Families Department and in a clinical private practice setting. He enjoys working with a wide range of people who are struggling with various concerns. Additionally, he has special clinical interests in working with veterans and those struggling with family issues.

Karen Schaefer, Ph.D., Director

Licensed Psychologist #0543 (Regular, exp 07/01/2014)

Karen received her Doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She has a strong interest in the training and supervision of trainees in counseling; clinical interests in working with individuals who have childhood histories of abuse (physical, emotional, sexual, neglect), other forms of trauma, grief and loss issues, offenders of abuse, animal abuse (offenders and victims who witnessed such abuse), and the provision of animal-assisted therapy.

Nisha Todi, M.S., Group Coordinator

Psychology Resident

Growing up as a South Asian American woman, Nisha developed a strong passion for working with diverse populations, particularly the East and South Asian populations. She primarily incorporates relational, family systems, and culturally sensitive psychotherapeutic approaches to counseling. She also enjoys working with individuals and groups on many different topics such as anxiety, depression, relationship conflicts, and women’s issues. Nisha views therapy as a collaborative process to address the unique needs of students.

Corey Vas, Ph.D., Associate Director, Clinical Services

Licensed Psychologist #0844 (Regular, exp 07/01/2014)

Corey’s primary professional interests include biofeedback, hypnosis, LGBT issues, anxiety disorders and early childhood intervention. Much of his practice includes career planning, counselor training and supervision, and group therapy for men and for LGBT individuals.

Mike Waldo, Ph.D., Adjunct, CEP Faculty

Licensed Psychologist

Mike is currently a professor with the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department at New Mexico State University. His practice and research interests include design and evaluation of preventive interventions that employ group work to improve interpersonal relations.

Psychology Interns

Abe Kurdieh, M.A.

Abe is a psychology intern from Duquesne University. His areas of clinical interest include psychodynamic psychotherapy and existential psychotherapy, family issues, trauma, multicultural counseling, developmental issues, group psychotherapy, and meditation based stress management. He is currently writing his dissertation on Loving-Kindness meditation.

Ashley Molin, M.A.

Ashley is a psychology intern from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Chicago, IL. Her primary clinical interests include working with sexual and gender minorities with a specific focus on language and labeling, the coming out process, and same-sex relationships. Ashley began working with college student at DePaul University, and finds work with this population to be especially rewarding. She also has a strong interest in existential phenomenological therapy, mindfulness, depression, anxiety, and trauma work.

Hyunjoo Shim, M.A.

Hyunjoo is a psychology intern from South Korea. She completed her M.A. and dissertation at University of Virginia. Her major interests include trauma, loss and grief, intimate partner violence. She also has strong interest in working with people who go through challenging life transition and adjustment like divorce, immigration, and graduation. She greatly enjoys the opportunities to be part of a journey that people who is courageous for personal and professional growth take.

Rhea White, M.A.

Rhea is a psychology intern at NMSU. She is completing her doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology at Texas Woman’s University. Due to her experiences as a first-generation college and graduate student, Rhea desires to address concerns that are specific to first-year, first-generation college students. Her additional clinical interests are multicultural counseling, vocational/career counseling, and interpersonal difficulties. Rhea works from a collaborative approach to assist her clients reaching their therapeutic goals.

Doctoral Practicum Trainees

Chu Hui Cha, M.S.Ed

Master of Science in School & Mental Health Counseling from the University of Pennsylvania.

Casey Durham, M.A., LPC-I

Master of Arts in Psychology from Houston Baptist University.

Chris Michaels, B.A.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Jamey Leeanne Rislin, M.S.W., LCSW

Master of Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania.

Annette Tardif, M.A.

Master of Arts in Psychology from Seattle University.