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Seminars/Additional Training

In addition to the two and one-half hours per week of individual supervision interns receive for their work in individual/couples therapy and group therapy, the following meetings and seminars are also part of the training experience.

Intern Orientation

During the first two weeks of the internship year, interns participate in an orientation to the Center which includes: 1) an introduction to the sources of clerical and technical support they are provided (e.g., training on Titanium, videotaping equipment, computer support from ICT, etc.); 2) becoming knowledgeable about Center policies, standards of care for crisis services, and university resources; 3) didactic and experiential training in outreach programming; and 4) meeting with staff and other individuals within the university setting who they will be interacting with on an ongoing basis. The orientation is also a time when interns’ rights and responsibilities, due process, and grievance procedures are reviewed, and the initial assessments of intern skill level, interest areas, and individualized goals for the internship year are identified.

Staff Meetings

Interns are viewed as being integral members of the Center and attend bimonthly staff meetings and yearly staff retreats where administrative issues are addressed.

Clinical Issues Meeting

The Clinical Issues meeting is an opportunity for professional staff and  to meet and discuss clinical cases, consult with one another, and obtain support and feedback. It is also a time when clients who are of concern because of the potential to harm self or others are staffed.  Additionally, once a month the staff meeting is used for consultation with the Campus Health Center psychiatric nurse(s) regarding clients who are currently receiving medication and therapy services.

Intern Seminar

The intern seminar meets weekly during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. This seminar is devoted to professional staff members and other professionals providing presentations on various clinical topics (e.g., psychodrama, theory and practice of career counseling, eating disorders, brief treatment). Professional development topics such as job search strategies or professional identity concerns may also be a focus during this seminar.

Outreach and Consultation Seminar

During the spring semester, interns receive training in the various consultation models and other relevant aspects of consultation (i.e., ethics, multicultural issues). Interns will also create their own outreach/consultation project and receive feedback on that project from senior staff members at the end of the internship year.

Supervision Seminar

This seminar meets for 1 hour/weekly during fall semester. Interns are presented with various theories of supervision and relevant research for discussion to prepare them for the provision of supervision in the Spring.

Multicultural Awareness Seminar

This seminar addresses issues relevant to multicultural awareness, knowledge, and skills. Interns are expected to engage in self-reflection as a means of increasing self-awareness and improving their multicultural competence. Interns will also have the opportunity to consult with others regarding multicultural issues relevant to their clinical caseload and their provision of outreach services.

Research Support Seminar

The goal of the Research Support Seminar is to provide interns with an opportunity to continually work on their dissertation projects or get involved in other areas of research. Interns are given 1 hour per week to use towards individual research efforts, and will convene as a group once per month to check in on progress and discuss any research-related issues.

Opportunities for Interns to Give Feedback

Whereas feedback is always welcomed and encouraged, each quarter interns will meet with the Training Director to provide feedback on their training experience during internship.