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Policies & Procedures

Eligibility for Services

All currently enrolled students on the NMSU Main Campus are eligible to receive up to receive counseling services regardless of the number of credits in which you are enrolled. Depending upon your presenting concerns, progress in therapy and each counselor’s individual professional judgment, it is possible that at some point your counselor may work with you to initiate a referral to another agency to better suit your individual needs.


There are no costs for any of our counseling services, however, there may be a small fee for certain assessments.

Privacy and Confidentiality

The state of New Mexico legally recognizes that communication between a counselor and his/her client is privileged. We will not disclose your contacts with us to your partner, parents, professors, or anyone else without your expressed consent. There are a few narrow exceptions: if you are in imminent danger to yourself or are a significant danger to someone else, we have an obligation to break confidentiality to protect you or others. Your records can be subpoenaed in instances such as your claiming emotional damages in a lawsuit. If you are abusing children or vulnerable adults or inform us of someone who is, we then have a legal responsibility to report this to the proper authorities. Such a report could potentially lead to disclosure of your being a client and require testimony concerning the suspected abuse. We also reserve the right to consult with your treating physician at the NMSU Campus Health Center and access your academic record when professionally appropriate. We maintain a confidential record of all contacts with you which may be stored electronically or as a paper file. While these files belong to the NMSU Counseling Center you may ask to review the contents with your counselor.

Your Responsibilities

Please notify us 24 hours in advance when canceling appointments. If you do not give us 24 hours notice, all existing appointments may be cancelled and any missed appointments will be counted against the yearly allocation of sessions. Multiple missed appointments may result in the closing of your file, and future requests for service will require the approval of your counselor or the Director of the Counseling Center, and a monetary deposit. For counseling services to be helpful, we need your compliance with agreed-upon treatment plans. Should you choose not to do so, we reserve the right to discontinue services. If you believe that our services are not meeting your needs, please discuss this with your counselor or the Director of Counseling Center. If you would prefer a different counselor please inform your current counselor or the receptionist.