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Non-Emergency Referrals

You may come across students that are in crisis/distress that do not want to accept a referral to the Counseling Center, or their needs may be better met by another source. Students may approach you with concerns that would be best served by other campus agencies. Below is a list of various student needs and corresponding offices:


Stress Management
Career Development
Academic Concerns
Non-Emergency Health Concerns
Student Judicial Concerns
Financial Services
Student Veterans
Student Advocacy
Basic Needs (housing, childcare, etc.)
Emergency Food
  • NMSU Food Pantry (free and confidential service)
    1313 E. University Ave. from 4-6pm Mondays & Wednesdays
    (Christian Challenge building)
Students with Disabilities
Social Support/Involvement
Religious/Spiritual Needs
Alcohol/Drug Use
Cultural Centers