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For Faculty & Staff

As a New Mexico State University faculty or staff member, you may at some time encounter a student in distress. Your role as helper is not only valuable, but crucial. Often you will be able to respond effectively to the student’s needs; however, there will be occasions when you will want to refer the student to a professional for assistance. This information is designed to help you recognize the signs of distress and provide you with the basic knowledge and skills necessary to intervene effectively.

Recognizing a student in distress

Being helpful to students in crisis

How to make a referral to the Counseling Center or other campus resources

Speaking with a counselor if you are concerned about a student

List of non-emergency referrals

After-hours emergency resources

Trainings offered for dealing with students in crisis

Counseling Resources for Faculty and Staff

Although the Counseling Center does not offer counseling services to staff or faculty, there are still services available to you through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). The NMSU EAP provides confidential counseling for faculty and staff experiencing personal and work related issues affecting their job performance.

For more information, visit the NMSU Employee Assistance Program website, or contact EAP at 646-6603 or 646-6600.