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Evaluation Procedures

Given that the training staff is committed to the process of providing timely feedback regarding an intern’s performance, we will conduct formal evaluations on a quarterly basis. We believe that the growth process as a professional includes self-reflection, didactic training, supervised clinical experience, additional professional experiences, resolving ethical challenges, learning to interact with other professionals in a clear and direct manner, and formal evaluation and feedback.

The evaluation process is competency- and AoE-based and the feedback is provided to assist the intern in their professional learning and growth. We want to see interns successfully achieve the skills necessary for professional practice and we will strive to provide experiences and feedback that may allow that growth to happen.

Because we believe in the importance of feedback for professional growth, interns also are expected to evaluate their experiences in individual supervision and in other aspects of internship training at the end of each semester, including summer session. These evaluations will be given to individual supervisors and the training director. While written evaluations are requested at certain times, we welcome verbal feedback throughout the year.