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Counseling Center

Counseling and Student Development includes the Counseling Center itself, as well as the Career Exploration Center, WAVE (Wellness, Alcohol, Violence and Education Program), and Social Work Services.

The mission of the Counseling Center is to assist all students in developing to their fullest potential academically, socially, and emotionally. The Counseling Center recognizes that a student’s academic success is dependent upon their emotional well-being, their belief in themselves, and their ability to successfully interact with the world around them. We assist students by providing them with opportunities for self-exploration and growth, by offering needed support in times of crisis, and by providing career information and guidance.

The goals of the Counseling Center include:

  • professional individual, group and couples/family counseling services for students whose emotions, behaviors, or cognitive process are causing them difficulties and detracting from their overall functioning
  • outreach and educational programs to assist students in their personal development and enhance their ability to attain their educational goals
  • psycho-educational consultation to the campus community on issues that concern the well-being and developmental needs of NMSU students
  • training of graduate students in the helping professions
  • research and evaluation that contributes to the knowledge base of the discipline and which enhances our ability to attain the goals of the Counseling Center.

The Counseling Center is located in Garcia Annex, Room 100. Every intern will have his/her own office, which includes a computer with internet access and a web camera to digitally record sessions (audio or video). This will allow individual supervisors to have access to the recordings from their own office computers.


The Counseling Center provides psychological services for undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in classes at the Las Cruces New Mexico State University campus.


The Counseling Center staff consists of licensed psychologists, psychology residents who are completing post-doctoral hours, licensed counselors, and a social worker. The licensed psychologists are the primary supervisors for the interns and will be providing the weekly, individual supervision. Psychiatric nurse(s) from Campus Health Center are consulted with on a monthly basis in the clinical staff meeting, and on an as needed basis.

Our staff is an experienced group of practitioners who are versed in brief therapy approaches within a range of theoretical orientations. Our staff utilize a variety of theoretical approaches, including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, humanistic, and feminist approaches. While a staff member might lean toward one orientation over others, there is an effort to flexibly integrate other models within a primary approach. For many, multicultural counseling and/or feminist counseling models are integrated into the conceptualization and intervention with a given client. We learn from each other, consult, and seek out continuing education programs or conferences to enhance existing skills or learn new skills.

Many staff members are actively involved in professional associations, some hold adjunct positions with the Counseling and Educational Psychology Department, and others are involved in research projects. To learn more about the various staff clinical interests and professional activities, see our Meet the Staff Page.

Las Cruces Area

The Las Cruces area is a region of southern New Mexico with beautiful weather, amazing natural attractions, great food, and a rich and diverse cultural heritage woven into the fabric of the city. For more information and to explore what Las Cruces has to offer, please Click Here!