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Consulting With A Counselor

As a peer, faculty/staff member, parent, friend, or roommate you may be concerned about a student. The NMSU Counseling Center staff are available to speak with you about a variety of issues regarding student concerns or your own needs. You may also be preparing to talk with a student that you know is in need of assistance, and it would be appropriate to speak with a counselor prior to meeting with that student. Even if the student is not wanting to come to the Counseling Center, you can explain to them that the consultation can be used to help find more appropriate resources. You can reach us immediately by phone Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 646-2731, or by email at counsel@nmsu.edu.

***If the issue at hand is time-sensitive, it would be better to contact us in-person or by phone than by email***

What To Expect

    • The Counseling Center has a counselor on-call during business hours who can serve as a consultant to help you address students of concern.
    • You and the on-call counselor can openly discuss the issue at hand and talk about possible ways to intervene or provide a referral (for additional information, please see our page on How to Make a Referral)
    • Because confidentiality is critical to making counseling a safe and private service, in addition to state law, the counselor will NOT be able to inform you if the student is already receiving services or provide any other such confidential information.
    • The counselor may need to consult with other campus agencies such as the Dean of Students office, the Campus Health Center, or student housing. Please talk to the on-call counselor if you have any concerns about the privacy of your call with us.

If you are seeking counseling services for yourself as a faculty/staff member, you would need to contact the NMSU Employee Assistance Program at (575) 646-6603.